Regular Movie Tickets: $6 Adults, $4 Senior Citizens 65 and older, $3 Children ages 12 and under
Aloha Friends! If you haven't seen our last email updates we've been closed for the last few weeks as timing for family trips coincided and left us short staffed and unable to man the helm from afar, we came back with a bang with the Chris Duarte concert and Makahiki Celebrations last weekend and are ramping back up with films this weekend, starting off with Goosebumps and the Martian, working on Spectre, Peanuts and exploring a fun list of arthouse and independent films which we will announce shortly. We're taking advantage of the cafe quiet in the interim to work on the nonprofit project and other nuts and bolts of the operation from the ground up which are in dire need of attention after such a productive and momentous year for us. We're taking a deep breath to reset and move forward, and are excited to be with you for the films and all the next shows to come!
We also want to take a moment to share about recent developments, Honokaa People's Theatre is now on the National Historic Register!
It's such an honor to have the building recognized and preserved, it's our dream to be part of such a great community, we love this place. We hope the listing serves to help preserve the theatre and the town on into the future, we owe it to all the amazing members community who helped us stay open, big mahalos to everyone who donated, Scott Jones and all the Big Island ohana who pulled thru for us, and especially now the amazing efforts of the members of the Historic Honokaa Project. Ross Stephenson, Wendy Tolleson, and Laura Ruby worked tirelessly, visiting with us and other folks in town countless times to talk story, collect all the info and photos, and push the listing thru, we are so indebted to their kindness and energy, this is so inspiring! Being included on the National Register will help us honor the history of the place while enabling us to enrich the community as wellspring of creativity, cultural wealth and community vitality. We're currently working on our nonprofit, so excited for it all to come together. Here's to a century of hard work full of aloha from the Tanimoto family arriving in a Hawaiian plantation town forward!
 GOOSEBUMPS        Rated PG
Friday (Nov. 20), Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday   (7:00 PM)
GoosebumpsUpset about moving from a big city to a small town, teenager Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) finds a silver lining when he meets the beautiful girl, Hannah (Odeya Rush), living right next door. But every silver lining has a cloud, and Zach's comes when he learns that Hannah has a mysterious dad who is revealed to be R. L. Stine (Jack Black), the author of the bestselling Goosebumps series. It turns out that there is a reason why Stine is so strange... he is a prisoner of his own imagination - the monsters that his books made famous are real, and Stine protects his readers by keeping them locked up in their books. When Zach unintentionally unleashes the monsters from their manuscripts and they begin to terrorize the town, it's suddenly up to Stine, Zach, and Hannah to get all of them back in the books where they belong. Note: Scholastic has sold over 400 million Goosebumps books worldwide in 32 languages since the series introduction in 1992, earning critical acclaim and dominating global best seller lists. R.L. Stine has been recognized as one of the bestselling children's authors in history. (c) Sony
Sunday,  Nov. 22   (4:30-6:30)
Sea DandeLion Cafe and Awa Bar are hosting ECSTATIC DANCE event every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Honokaa People's Theatre from 4:30-6:30pm. Experience free-form movement to world-rhythms mixed live at the event by DJ Rajasick. Ecstatic Dance is a place to dance “from the inside out” and connect with like-minded people of all ages in a safe and non-judgmental space. It is an environment without observers or conversation, no dance experience or partner is necessary.
Ecstatic Dance Guidelines:
1. Move however you wish
2. No talking on the dance floor
3. Respect yourself and one another
Following the dance, we invite you to stroll over to the Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar to wind-down and share your experiences whilst enjoying a shell of 'awa or refreshing kombucha.
Donations starting at $7 gratefully accepted at the door. Ages 13+ welcome to this event.
THE MARTIAN     Rated PG-13
Friday (Nov 27), Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday   (7:00 PM)
The MartianDuring a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring "the Martian" home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible rescue mission. As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney's safe return. Based on a best-selling novel, and helmed by master director Ridley Scott, THE MARTIAN features a star studded cast that includes Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Peña, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover. 


Saturday Nov. 28 (7pm)


Lazar Bear Productions is proud to present Charlie Musselwhite and his band for a three Island tour in Hawaii. Charlie Musselwhite has been inducted into the Blues Music Hall of Fame, received 35 Blues Music Awards, 11 Grammy nominations and a win in 2014. This American electric blues Harmonica player and Bandleader Charlie Musselwhite has truly earned legendary status as one of blues music’s most important artists. Charlie sheared the blues spirit of his friends Michael Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield; In Chicago’s South Side he met blues legends Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and developed life long friendships with Big Joe Williams and John Lee Hooker.  

"Harmonica virtuoso Musselwhite raises the level of emotional expression on his instrument beyond even the masters he learned from...the grizzled veteran richly decorates his music with telling nuance and chiseled detail."  - San Francisco Chronicle

"Legendary is an overused term, but it’s also the only word that suits this heavyweight blues harpist."   - Time Out New York

"Charlie Musselwhite continues to astonish. Musselwhite achieves an authoritative deep blues sound through spare understatement as only a
master can."  - Off Beat Magazine

"His delivery is as thick as molasses and as warm and rich as freshly ploughed soil on a Mississippi morning. He draws from a deep pool of emotion,
brings it to life when he plays, and invites us to jump on in."  - Blues Wax

"Musselwhite continues to create trailblazing music while remaining firmly rooted in the blues. His worldly-wise vocals, rich, melodic harmonica playing and deep country blues guitar work flawlessly accompany his often autobiographical and always memorable original songs."  - AllAboutJazz.com

Nov. 28, Sat. - Big Island
Honokaa Peoples Theater
45-3574 Mamane St. Honokaa 96727
Venue: 808-896-4845 Tickets:   $40. Adv.   $45. At Door   $60. Gold Circle Seating
Doors: 6:30 pm. Show: 7:00 pm.

Sunday,  Nov. 22   (4:30-6:30)


Sea DandeLion Cafe and Awa Bar are hosting ECSTATIC DANCE event every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Honokaa People's Theatre from 4:30-6:30pm. Experience free-form movement to world-rhythms mixed live at the event by DJ Rajasick. Ecstatic Dance is a place to dance “from the inside out” and connect with like-minded people of all ages in a safe and non-judgmental space. It is an environment without observers or conversation, no dance experience or partner is necessary.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines:
1. Move however you wish
2. No talking on the dance floor
3. Respect yourself and one another

Following the dance, we invite you to stroll over to the Sea Dandelion Cafe and Awa Bar to wind-down and share your experiences whilst enjoying a shell of 'awa or refreshing kombucha.

Donations starting at $7 gratefully accepted at the door. Ages 13+ welcome to this event.



First Friday December 4th (5pm)

Coming soon from the Images of America historical book series, Laura Ruby and Ross Stephenson take a visual and descriptive trip back in time to explore the origins and development of a small Big Island town. Join them for the journey as they explain how it came to be a crossroads of local and global culture and became, and remains, quintessentially Hawaiian.


"Walk down Mamane Street, the heart of Honokaa Town, and step back into the late 19th and early 20th century. Honokaa’s single wall, wooden “plantation-era” buildings are as much a symbol of Hawaii to local people as Diamond Head is to tourists. The commercial buildings have their emblematic false fronts and totan (corrugated iron) cladding. They contained (and still contain) “Mom and Pop” businesses that were founded upon personal relationships, required the labor of whole families, and provided for the education of the next generation. The small size of the town encouraged cross-pollination of peoples, sugar workers, paniolos (cowboys), coffee farmers, homesteaders, all came to Honokaa."

Honokaa has the largest collection of early 20th century “plantation” style commercial stores in good repair that remain in the Hawaiian Islands. The town is an outstanding Big Island example of successive waves of ethnic immigrants, their climb to economic success and the “American Dream,” and the part they played in enriching the broader cultural diversity of Hawaiʻi.


The Historic Honokaa Project is following successful national programs to celebrate Honokaa’s history, secure federal and state assistance in the upkeep of the town’s buildings, educate both locals and visitors in the richness of its past, and create employment opportunities for residents by fostering sustainable cultural tourism.

One of the measures being taken to protect Honokaa is to place its significant buildings on the State and National Register of Historic Places.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased the book. For those of you still wishing to get the book at the pre-publication price you have until November 7. (Pre-publication price $15 –Check payable to: Ross W. Stephenson, 38 South Judd Street, Unit 24B, Honolulu HI  96817 (Rwaylands808@aol.com)

We have two presentations on Honokaa Town coming up:

December 4--5 p.m.--Honokaa Peopleʻs Theatre


December 12--11:45 a.m.--Hawaii State Library (Downtown Honolulu)

Besides the images in the book we will show newly-discovered photos at the presentations.You may pick up your books at these events or we can get them to you later.




Tuesdays & Fridays (5pm-6:30 pm) Locations vary, call for info


10 week E Ola Mau I Ka Pono learning series session in conjunction with Hualalai and Wa'a Hamakua!  Previous series have included Wai Ke Kane (Waters of Kane - Water Cycle) Wahi Kapu o Laka (Sacred place of Laka - Forest uses) Ka Mahi'ai a Ku a Lono (The farmers of Ku and Lono - Agriculture).  This series teaches stories, chants, dances and practical knowledge of the ocean as well as the mysterious depths of Kanaloa and voyaging into the unknown.  Classes include lectures, crafts, dancing, and hands on immersion at locations around the island.

Classes will be held Tuesdays at the People's Theatre and Fridays from 5-7 pm at locations to be announced. First class session will be September 29th at the Honokaa People's Theatre

$150 for the 10 week class and weekend excursions, $20 drop in fee.
Saturdays (11am & 12am)

Capoeira is an interactive game of martial arts and acrobatic dance accompanied by live music. Created four centuries ago by African slaves in the country of Brazil, it is believed that capoeira practitioners disguised this dynamic art form as dance and play in order to conceal it’s more lethal martial arts and self defense techniques. Students will learn attacks, escapes, acrobatics, strength and conditioning, music instruments, songs in Brazilian-Portuguese, history and self-confidence. Classes are geared for beginners and taught by Mario “Castanho” Hill, an 11-yr. practitioner of capoeira with United Capoeira Association.
Classes: Saturdays - Kids Capoeira (ages 7-12), 11am -12pm; Teen/Adult Capoeira, 12 -1:30pm.
Contact: (916) 752-7275, capoeira_waimea@yahoo.com, www.facebook.com/ADBWaimea


Saturday Jan. 23 (7pm)


Lazar Bear is proud to announce that Jim Messina w/ his band will be playing a Three Island Tour in Hawaii. As one half of Loggins & Messina, co-founder of the country-rock band Poco, member and key contributor to Buffalo Springfield, Jim Messina has left an indelible footprint on popular music. Jim’s producing and engineering skills were instrumental in the success of the Loggins & Messina, Poco and the Buffalo Springfield recordings which gave birth to a number of hits such as "Rock 'N Roll Woman", "Kind Women" & "On The Way Home"  Poco hits "You Better Think Twice”, "Call It Love", "Nothin' To Hide" And in Loggins & Messina he gave us “Angry Eyes”, “Your Mama Don’t Dance”, “Danny’s Song”, “My Music”, “Lahaina”, “You Need a Man”, “House at Pooh Corner” and sold over 20 million albums domestically.

JIM MESSINA’s consummate legacy of musical prowess spans five decades, three acclaimed rock super groups, a vibrant solo career, and a dizzying array of game changing producing and engineering credits, including the Doors, Lee Michaels, and Herb Alpert.  He is an indisputable expert in the fine art of making hit music.  After the mid-60s, while acting as producer and recording engineer for Buffalo Springfield, Messina joined the temperamental band as bassist. After Buffalo Springfield split up in 1968, Messina’s friendship with group founder  Richie Furay led to the creation of Poco. Jim switched to playing lead guitar, and the band went on to define a new musical genre that came to be known as country-rock.  
After two studio and one live album with Poco, Messina chose to leave the group and devote his time to record producing. That fateful decision led to his 1971 collaboration with newcomer Kenny Loggins. The resulting duo, Loggins and Messina went on to record  nine albums over a period of seven years, amassing sixteen million in sales.

Jan. 23, Sat. - Big Island

Honokaa Peoples Theater
45-3574 Mamane St. Honokaa 96727
Venue: 808-896-4845 Tickets: $45 Gen. $65 Gold Circle.
Doors: 6:00 pm. Show: 7:00 pm.



















Sat. Oct 24 (7pm)

Sun. Oct 25 (2pm)

aExcitement is building! Don't miss VINTAGE HITCHCOCK!
Upcoming this weekend at the People's Theatre, Vintage Hitchcock by Waimea Commuity Theatre, Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 2pm! Combine the creative ideas of a film genius, a fantastic playwright, retro radio sound effects and all your favorite stars of your local community theatre group and you get a quite a thriller of a show!
The production is a "Live Radio Play" complete with actors playing multiple parts, sound effects technicians generating sound effects the old fashioned way, and a live studio audience (which hopefully will include YOU!) Tickets available at the door, from Waimea General Store, Without Boundaries, Waikoloa Mailbox and Taro Patch Gifts.
Friday Nov. 13 (7pm)

Lazar Bear Productions is proud to announce that The Chris Duarte Group, a power trio fronted by "Texas Guitar Slinger" Chris Duarte will be performing three shows on the Big Island, Hawaii. Duarte a powerhouse guitar slinger hails from Austin Texas and is renowned for his Jaw-Dropping Pyro-Technique performances. Chris is a savant, a sorcerer of tone & a master at channeling spirits and sound. He is on tour behind his latest release “Lucky 13”.  Duarte known for playing passionate, intense blues-psychedelia / jam jazz guitar that is upfront and in your face. “We are here to play our ass off”….. Band Motto  
Opening the shows will be special guest Tomi Isobe Blues Band

Fri. Nov. 13 - Honokaa Peoples Theater
45-3574 Mamane St. Honokaa, Hi. 96727
Friday The Thirteenth “Lucky 13” Album Release Party
Drs. 7:00 pm. Show 7:30 pm. Venue: 808-775-9963
Tickets are $25. Adv. & $30. At door.  Gold Circle Premium Seating: $45.


NOV. 11-15


The rising of the Makali'i is a little over a month away, soon we will transition into the time of Lono.
Our second annual Makahiki Pule 'Āina Holo is set to begin November 11th, to carry a healing prayer for the lands and our bodies and ohana around the island, to signify the approaching of Lono, and bring our communities a little tighter together in aloha and lokahi.

November 11:  evening potluck and gathering at the Hamakua Harvest site in Honokaa.  Community support needed to help set-up and break-down, as well as food for the gathering, and wood for the ceremonial fire.
November 12:  Sunrise ceremony at Honokaa park to launch the run.  Runners go to Hilo for a lunch at the Kamehameha statue, then continue on to Volcano. Evening gathering at the Ohia room at KMC, starting at 6:00. 
November 13:  Leave out of Volcano at sunrise, heading towards Milolii.  Lunch just past Naalehu, spend the night at Milolii,  camping style.
November 14:  canoes take the Lono out of Milolii and head to Kealakekua, where runners take up the Lono and head to Kona, ending that night at Pu'u Kohola.  Camping for the night.
November 15:  runners take off at sunrise from Pu'u Kohola, go through Kohala, down to Waimea, stop at Manaua, lunch TBA, then on down Mudd Lane to meet up on the Waipi'o road and on to the look-out at Waipi'o.  Then the final leg of the run to end in Honokaa town.  Evening potluck dinner and celebration at the People's theater, at 6:00.  Set-up and break-down crews needed for the theater, as well as food.



NOV. 16 6:30 CLASS, 7:30 MILONGA

Introductory Tango Class 6:30 pm (Free)

Milonga 7:30 pm

Music By Dj Adriano (Loulou) San Francisco/Brussels

A classical dancer since she was 3 years old, HELENA FERNANDEZ graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in Londres (2000). Although she has experience in many styles of dance (classic ballet, jazz, ballroom dance, samba, flamenco), Helena became an international dancer and choreographer of Tango after 10 years of dedication to this style. She has participated in many tourneys around Europe, Asia, and America, performing shows and giving many classes around these countries.

CLAUDIO VILLAGRA has worked with the most famous and recognised Tango orchestras like Osvaldo Pugliese, Mariano Mores, Sexteto Sur, El Arranque, Sexteto Mayor, Color Tango amongst others. His talent has earned him roles in the most renowned international stages in Broadway, Europe, Asia and America in shows alongside major companies as Tanguera, Tango Seduccion, Tango Argentino and Forever Tango, the latter being in the graphic image of the show. Based on this knowledge and experience he later formed a new project, his own show “Latin Tango” developing the same as director and choreographer. His excellence led him to different countries teaching classes and being invited as jury of the most important championships and festivals of Tango around the world.

Helena has worked with many important dancers around the world and today is partner with one of the best dancers and artists of the tango world, Claudio. Together, they form one of the most prestigious Argentine tango dance couples for their artistic versatility that allows them to interpret the most diverse styles, from tango salon, fantasy and traditional to the most modern and innovative.